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the tension is here...I dare you to move

9 July 1986
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Well my name is Josef but its pronounced like Joseph and not yosef. I live in auckland and i am a singer/songwriter and also in a band called the honorific propertymen. we havent started playing yet but bono had a prophecy about us and told me that we are gonna be the next u2 but better. and i believe it because we all know that bono is gods right hand man.

What else can i tell you. I love the alpine. snowboarding and skiing, in fact i love it so much that one time i NEARLY said it was better than sex. but then i remembered that nothing really is better than sex unless you have tried heroin. but i will never do that because drugs are stupid. i love to act crazy and dance like an african native. i like to live life to the fullest and i have a pet hate for cleavage hair.

I like to think im a great guy but i shall let you decide=)
music, snowboarding/skiing, squash, surfing, toilet throwing.